Recommended Packing List

Gear and Apparel

  • Strap-on sandals (we highly recommend TEVA’s Hurricane II, which we all wear daily!)
  • Water Shoes, Multi-Sport footwear or Trail Runners (we like the Churn by Teva)
  • 1-2 quick-dry shorts or board shorts (Patagonia® Surf shorts are PERFECT!)
  • 1 T-shirt, 1 Rash Vest or quick dry for snorkeling and waterfall excursions
  • Sunscreen and lip block
  • Hat for sun protection (Tui Tai Jungle Hat is ideal)
  • Sunglasses w/ retention device
  • 1 light sweater or Fleece jacket for evenings
  • 1 light rain or waterproof jacket
  • Camelbak or other personal hydration system
  • A “sulu” or sarong, this is required dress code for visiting villages (if you don’t have one, we sell them onboard)

Documents and Travel Items

  • Passport (with 6 months validity)
  • Credit card(s), and some cash for villages and handicrafts (maybe FJD $500)
  • Travel insurance certificate/details
  • Copies of travel and personal documents
  • Dive certificate (C-Card) and logbook if you intend to dive (we are a full PADI Dive Centre)
  • Reading material (bring a book as you’ll enjoy time in-between adventures and dives to relax on deck)
  • Camera, batteries and film (or plenty of Compact Flash or other memory cards for your digital camera)
  • Journal/notebook
  • Binoculars (whale watching!)
  • Reading material (bring a book as you’ll enjoy time in-between adventures and dives to relax on deck)

Dive and Snorkel Gear

We have all dive and snorkel gear onboard. Dive gear and snorkel gear is included in the cruise fare. You don’t need to bring any of these items, but if you have your own you might remember the following:

  • Certification card & DAN card
  • Log book
  • Regulator – primary and secondary with normal SPG
  • Dive computer (We require all divers to dive with a computer. These are available for rent on board)
  • Wetsuit
  • Booties
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Fins

For the Villages

Many of our guests have asked us what they could bring to give as gifts to the remote island villages we visit. The following is a short list of things that will really help.

  • Books, Fijians love to read, but it’s tough to get any books on the outer islands
  • Reading glasses, as I said, they love to read!
  • Clothes, all kinds of clothes, especially kids and baby clothes
  • Shoes, any old running shoes, sandals, cleats
  • Medical supplies, Neosporin, band-aids, childrens Tylenol, aspirin, cough/cold medicine
  • Toys, any type of toys for the kids
  • A picture of yourself, if you’re going to give a gift, they’d really enjoy it more if you leave a picture of yourself so they can remember you and your kind gift

Pack Light…let us shop for you and get your supplies for villages

Many of our guests try to keep luggage to a minimum, so we are proud to offer a service where we will shop locally and build a “loloma bag” full of gifts and useful supplies, that you can deliver to the villages during your trip.

Just tell us what denomination you would like to spend (USD $50, $75, $100, $200) and we will invoice you, shop, and prepare all of the items in a bag, waiting for you on arrival. It’s an easy and convenient way to make a difference, without lugging extra bags through airports.