Fiji Cruise Video 2015

All footage taken from a single trip on Tui Tai’s 7-night Fiji Adventure Cruise itinerary. Check out some amazing aerial footage shot by drone. Hiking, swimming with Manta Rays, kayaking, visiting remote villages, SUP, scuba diving, Fiji snorkeling, sailing and world class service from the Tui Tai crew!

Tui Tai Expeditions, Highlights of the Fiji Classic Adventure Itinerary

Highlights of classic 7-night Tui Tai Expedition. Tui Tai is the premier Fiji Adventure Experience. Enjoy a variety of tropical, island style adventures: hiking, village tours, rainforests, waterfalls and natural waterslides on land. On sea there’s kayaking, SUP, fishing, sightseeing, snorkeling and more. Sometimes just jumping of the ship and having a refreshing swim is the perfect end to an active day. Or walk along an empty, tranquil beach and enjoy the sunset.

Fiji Scuba Diving, by Tui Tai Expeditions

World class Fiji Diving including Rainbow Reef, the Great White Wall, Somosomo Strait, Rabi Island Manta Rays, the Ringgold Atolls, Kokoda Point and more. Tui Tai is a unique Fiji liveaboard dive trip, combining 3 dives per day with land-based adventure and cultural immersion. Just interested in scuba diving? No problem, we’ve got that covered. Interested in amazing scuba diving AND remote island exploration and meeting the local people? Join us for the Fiji dive trip of a lifetime

Fiji Snorkeling, by Tui Tai Expeditions

Enjoy some of the best snorkeling sites in Fiji. Tui Tai is Fiji’s only liveaboard snorkeling tour. Imagine a dedicated Fiji snorkeling trip; at least 2 guided snorkeling trips each day. Tui Tai is Fiji’s only liveaboard snorkeling trip. Your guides are experienced divers who love to snorkel; patient and helpful when needed. You’ll enjoy great service and underwater scenery (yes, Rainbow Reef, Manta Rays and the Ringgold Atolls!).