Fiji’s Best Scuba Diving

One reason guests return time and again to seek new adventures aboard Tui Tai is our incredible diving experience. You’ll dive in the clearest waters you can imagine, with dramatic underwater topography, stunning biodiversity and a dizzying array of creatures both great and small.

Scuba-loving guests can:

  • Roam renowned Rainbow Reef dive sites within the Somosomo Straits, including The Great White Wall, and other locales comprising what Jean-Michel Cousteau once dubbed “the soft-coral capital of the world”
  • Dive Kokoda Point, Wall Street and Eel Diamond, with visibility often exceeding 120 feet, where divers frequently encounter large marine animals such as barracuda, tuna, sharks, rays and turtles
  • Explore a site we call “little Rainbow Reef,” near Rabi Island, likely sharing the water with a dozen or more nine-foot manta rays
  • Enjoy a unique mix of Fiji Liveaboard diving, 3 dives each day, in addition to our adventure and cultural highlights

Tui Tai Fiji Scuba Diving Highlights Video

Tui Tai’s diving sites are some of the world’s best
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